Livicon Limited is a UK privately owned Limited Liability Company registered with Company House, England and Wales with registration number 7998496 and has grown year on year to become one of the leading provider of Project Management, Business Analysis, Training and Consultancy services in the UK and globally.

At Livicon, we have a dedicated training and consulting firm based in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Livinus Onyia who is a certified Project Manager, Business Analyst, Anti-Money Laundering and KYC Specialist is the managing director. We are required to establish appropriate risk-sensitive policies and procedures to making sure that financial and non-financial organisations are not channels of money laundering, in order to prevent activities related to money laundering and terrorist financing including those policies and procedures.

At Livicon Limited, we offer career based training programs which will prepare and establish your confidence for your dream job in the compliance industry such as KYC analysts, anti-money laundering officers, AML investigators and other compliance positions. Our core training programme will include means of confirming that each individual has achieved an appropriate level of knowledge and understanding, whether through formal testing, assessment via informal discussion, or other related means. This is to ensure that the individual being thought has acquired the relevant knowledge to break even.

We have the required knowledge, skills and wider experience in anti-money laundering (AML) compliance programs which include assessing customer’s risk, carrying out of customer due diligence (CDD), actively involved in investigating transaction monitoring system (TMS) alerts and suspicious financial related activity report (SAR) within a leading retail, commercial and investment banking organisations.

We are specialised in the line of Project Management, Business Analysis, Training and Consultancy services. Our consultancy services are also extended to the banking industry, insurance and real estate sectors. In order to counter money laundering and terrorism financing; banks as well as other financial and non-financial institutions require the services of professionals with outstanding knowledge, skills and abilities to mitigate risks.

At Livicon Limited, we adopt a risk-based approach designed to identity and mitigate money laundering and terrorism financing. Our services range from general anti money laundering consulting, to tailored training programs as well as compliance based program setup.

We are a different breed of company providing at the same level of results as larger consulting companies in this sector. We emphasize teamwork and collaboration and reward innovation.


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